Tour with ELI, National Geographic Learning & TED Talks 23rd-26th March 2020

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New Perspectives – A What, Why and How of TED in the ELT Classroom

A What, Why and How of TED
Teaching English has gone beyond just teaching the language. Nowadays there is also the responsibility of helping our learners develop into free-thinking, culturally aware, global citizens with the necessary skills to thrive and succeed. But how? One answer is by using TED Talks in our classes. It can be argued that TED Talks provide the perfect platform from which to help develop 21st century global citizens, with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful, while also developing their English skills. In this practical session we’ll explore what exactly TED is, why it’s such a great resource for the English language classroom and how exactly we can exploit and use it to develop more than just our students’ English skills.

TED in Action: A Demo Lesson
What exactly does a TED lesson look like in practice? How exactly can I use them in class? In this session we’ll get hands-on with a TED Talk, taking you through the different stages of a TED Talk based lesson, highlighting how it can be exploited to develop students’ language and 21st century skills.

Alex Warren

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Formatore: Alex Warren
Durata: 3h

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